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Default Re: Dungeons & Flagons 3: The Search For Spock

Originally Posted by Batman View Post
My thought on this is that we should start each game up on the other site with new seasons, continuing on where we left off. CAH being an exception, since it seems a reboot is in order of that. But for the others like One Earth, which is already heading into a new season, and UDC, which is close enough for us to just continue on, we could easily just start up Season 2 and 4, respectively. UOU would be a little trickier, but all we have to really do is just say that it's still Season 1 and continue with continuity.

What does everyone think?
I'm considering not moving OE over. With UOU going over, I think it would be redundant and honestly less popular.

Instead, I think I might do an interest check over there for the DC/Marvel/Independent game I put up on the "Create a Universe" thread.

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