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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 1

Your forgetting Days of future past has star of series Hugh Jackman In It.Fox can promate the wolverine with Oscar nominee Hugh Jackman In promos.And people need to
accept the possabilty of Wolverine as time traveler in film.

I am expecting 3 more origina trilogy actors In film to join Hugh,Patrick,and Ian.That would jibe with the substantul number of oT actore report that came out after It was reported Bryan signed the deal to direct DOFP.From reports on The Wolverine we can probally count James Marsden and Famke Janssen out.So we are probally looking at Anna
Paquin,Halle Berry,and Rebecca Romijn.That would be majority of actors who were In all three films of trilogy.Bryan and Lauren Shueller Donnor may want DOFP to viewed as
X4 as well as first Class sequel.It's pure speculation on my part but only way I see Ellen Page Returning as Kitty If they couldn't make DOFP work with Anna's true blood schedule.True Blood starts filming this month and has fewer episodes ordered.DOFP starts sometime In April.Although James Mcavoy has said he doesn't start work till may.
And even then there Is Question Is ELlen Page even Intrested In returning to X-Men.She had to be begged to audition for last STand.But,maybe Bryan directing might Intrest her to return.That's pure speculation.

As for treating the fuutre as pure alternate and not a post triilogy fuutre before the time traveling.With the Wolverine suspose to tie Into DOFP I am speculating that
before time travel the fuutre Is post Trilogy+The Wolverine.However If James or Famke are announced as returning by Bryan before filming In tweet there Is no way around It
that means the future Is pure alternate.Now how the Wolverine could tie Into DOFP then who knows.

My guess If they go down the alternate path Is to treat Days of future past as pure prequel to Trilogy.The alternate future comes out of assassination magneto and brotherhood commit that leads to Sentinles.Time travel from that future prevents event and leads to Trilogy and The Wolverine coming Into bearing.That's the best way I could guess doing alternate future and connecting dots between films Bryan has mentioned.

By the time Bryan promates Jack The Giant Slayer we should have a good Idea on the cast of DOFP.Bryan Is sure to be asked DOFP questions then.

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