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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 1

i think Fox ARE going to want to give the franchise a big push but I don't think they're going to rely on old actors from a franchise that struggled. I think they're going to want to take the younger actors they've got and keep going in the First Class direction.

I think it's very unlikely that they would be able to get Famke, James, Jackman, McKellan, Stewart, Page, Berry etc to a)Commit to 3 films (which let's be honest, is EXACTLY what fox will be after, a multi picture deal) and B) a lot of those actors will be starting to get too old for a 3 picture deal. Now sure, people like Jackman etc still look alright now, but 3 pictures is what, 8 to 9 years? That's a long time.

And look how a lot of you guys are acting... 3 original actors have been announced, 2 of which are the older versions of the young, First Class actors and one of them is an immortal character who looks the same. Now, not only are a lot of you ASSUMING we're going to get a cavalcade of other original trilogy characters, but talking about how this will open up another trilogy with the original actors? It's purely wishful thinking, wrapped in denial that that chapter of the X-franchise is as dead as we thought. Singer AND the original actors back has sparked a false hope, but that's NOT what we're going to get. This isn't X-Men 4, this is First Class 2.

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