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Default Re: The Official "Get Marvel's Rights Back!" Thread

Originally Posted by R_Hythlodeus View Post
EXACTLY! Get GOOD or at least decent actors for the reboot, FFS! Not whatshername as Mystique or any of those awful kids from FC. Make it serious, not goofy with all the stupid boyband gags (X2) and pseudo teen drama. keep it grounded in reality, don't make it over the top, like the worst of Fox's X-Men movies
eh, how are the X-Men films full of any more goofy-ness than the Marvel films? What about those robot arm things in the Iron-Man movies, which are played for laughs like the 'Scutters' in Red Dwarf?!
Thor's Crocodile Dundee-isms were also a mite goofy. Smashing the mug in the coffee shop, a bit daft, but put there for goofy laughs.

now that's just BS
How is it not? Look at the natural way the drama is handled, what superhero movie series is more grounded in a natural style than the Singer movies? the Nolan BM films are just as naturally played.
edit: Maybe you are just talking about XMFC here, but you seem to be referencing something from X2 as well. But to say that XMFC is anymore 'goofy' or less serious than the MCU is just as perplexing to me.

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