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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
I concur.

I will never understand why some people call Nolan's Batman movies realistic. I'm wondering what real world they are living in lol.
I think a lot of people just mean the naturalistic way of acting, and that there is an explanation given for the sci-fi tech in the film. Also, the sets are more realistic.

The cops in the Burton/Schumacher films do not act the way cops would in the real world, neither do the crooks.
The cops in the Nolan films do, as long as you buy into the conceit that they would welcome the help of someone such as Batman under those kind of circumstances.
and sci-fi tech such as Batman's magically expanding hanglider cape from BR is not explained at all, neither is that crazy little hand held computer game type batarang he programs.
Arkham Asylum is not some gothic castle constantly surrounded by thunder and lightning, it's a sober depressing looking hospital.
Gotham is set in a real world city, not a obvious studio lot.

edit: From the convo this came from, you are responding to folk who say the 'realism' is a bad thing, in my book it's a good thing, much like the Singer X-Men films.

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