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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by JerseyJoker View Post
Why does it matter?

Does being Oscar nominated make TDKR a better film?

Why does it bother you. This year The Amazing Spider-Man came out, I loved the film, utterly enjoyed it, had fun, didn't get any noms on the tech side. But that doesn't take away my enjoyment of the film or my value of it.

If you love TDKR, good on you, if you didn't, good on you. It's your right and opinon to feel either way, but i never gathered why someone gets upset over the idea that TDKR didn't get a nomination. Sometimes thems are just the breaks.

I feel like fans have gotten greedy, do you know how psyched comic fans would of been in 1999 to think that an actor was nominated and WON for playing The Joker? Now a days? Meh...WHERE ARE OUR TECH NOMINATIONS!!!!
I suppose, to me, that it mattered because it would have helped to further distance the film, which I believe to be wonderful, from the horror of July 20th.

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