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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by JerseyJoker View Post
Since that same academy once voted for a man dressed up as a pirate and a man dressed up as a clown and a man dressed up woman ... don't think the pointy ears entirely was the reason against Batman.
Bond and Batman are pretty much my twin pop cultural obsessions. Have read all the books, bought bootlegs of the McLusky-Gammidge Daily Express comic strips decades ago. A Bond film on the ABC Friday or Sunday night movie was an event in my childhood. I just don't believe Skyfall to be anywhere near the film that TDKR is. I kind of feel that it is being celebrated because it's the first Bond since Terence Young to have a real director. And nope, I don't count Martin Campbell- Casino Royale was a second rate copy of the Bourne-Batman Begins model. Well, Mendes made a first rate copy of the TDK model, right down to having the great Thomas Newman write a bond-ified Zimmer Dark Knight score. I'm happy that James Bond got a good film- I've been chewing on the first four for decades- but I can't see how it can possibly be considered superior to the jaw-dropping epic that is The Dark Knight Rises.
But it is, and I'm wrong.

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