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Default Re: The Official "Get Marvel's Rights Back!" Thread

Originally Posted by Zarex View Post
It would certainly be cheaper - Disney paid $278 million to acquire Sony's share (I believe it was 25%) of the Spider-man joint venture. But Spider-man is up there with Bats and Supes (and now, the Avengers) in terms of moving product.

It would be wise of Fox to make Disney a favorable offer on merchandise rights , if only to encourage the Mouse to help them promote their upcoming Marvel films with X-Men and FF product in stores. But with Avengers, Star Wars and Spider-man merchandise filling up shelf space, and Rocket Raccon plush toys on deck, Disney will most likely continue to ignore the Fox owned film franchises in hopes that they become unprofitable sooner rather than later.

Fox surely must make millions off of its X-merchandise, enough that it wouldn't have any interest in selling the rights. Sony is in dire circumstances financially, so it sold the rights to Spider-Man to raise cash. Fox isn't in that position and in fact would be better off making lucrative deals with toymakers for The Wolverine and DOFP. Wolverine virtually sells its own toys, but the other X characters would be harder to move as they aren't as interesting or as popular.

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