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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 2

Commiserations to all involved with TDKR. I said from the outset that it wouldn't win anything of substance, and nor did it deserve to on its own merits, but I am a bit surprised that it didn't manage to get any recognition in any technical category. The always seem to add a degree of insult to injury- for me, it is the predictable but unjustified feting of "Les Mis". Boring musical, horrid bourgeois music, boring cast, boring direction; safe Oscar-bait.

It is increasingly clear that there is a model "safe" Oscar film. It needs to have a suitably worthy topic- a literary adaptation or a historical biopic- a safe director, and an expensive cast. It shouldn't be too challenging or controversial. I am not saying that all movies of this type are bad, but it makes the Oscars a predictable and slightly pointless exercise, because movies get trimmed and polished to suit the formula. It has probably made film less interesting. A similar process has occurred in the production of fine wine: because high ratings from certain critics increase the market value of wines, their producers just make them to the individual critics' taste, and now different wines taste much alike.

I digress. Boo-hiss to "Les Mis". I know it is divisive here, but I hope that "Skyfall" gets its cinematography award, which it richly deserves.

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