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Default Re: Comic films you think should be rebooted?

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
Hell no. Batman Begins was very good but that's all I can give them. And who other than die hard fanboys even thinks Watchmen was good? It bombed. Tells you what the GA thought of it. Now I readily admit that I am in the minority when it comes to the last 2 of Nolan's Batman films(but I don't need validation to hold my own opinions, just logic) but I would say I side with the majority on Watchmen.

To me, WB/DC has only 1 great superhero film(Superman 1), 1 very good superhero film(BB) and 1 more or less ok superhero film(Superman 2). That's not a great track record in my book.
To me Batman and TDK were great movies.

Batman Begins is very good.

Batman Returns is so-so, and entertaining, as is TDKR but the more I watch it the less I like that one. Especially since it is like BR with it's nearly absentee Batman.

The rest are trash.

I kind of agree with your overall assessment of WB/DC. Especially since Batman has kind of proved to be well received in most all of his media adaptations, it actually seems like it's harder to make a bad Batman movie than a good one (so far 5 have been better than average, and 2 have been bad, also the 1960s Bats and cartoons have all been fantastic).

It seems like if it ain't Batman, WB doesn't know what they are doing.

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