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Default Re: The Official "Get Marvel's Rights Back!" Thread

Originally Posted by Zarex View Post
Although Fox and Marvel share profits from merchandise sales, I believe Marvel (and now Disney) kept control over the process. If there were X Men: First Class merchandise in stores around the time of the film's release, I completely missed it. I don't think Fox is making millions off of movie merchandise.

Fox can't cut a deal involving Marvel characters without Disney's permission.
I don't think Fox makes or made anything off of merchandising. They just have the rights to make the Movies. Hasbro and Marvel make the money. Marvel did not sign away the rights to the characters but just the rights to make the movies. So there IMO is no deal to be made here. And if Fox did or do have a stake in any of the merchandising this partial quote..

Hasbro's agreement with Marvel to make toys and games based on the latter's characters extends through 2017.
says to me that after 2017 Marvel will have the ball in their court as far as Toys, Backpacks, etc anyway so why make any deal with Fox for merchandising because Disney is in the drivers seat.

So Fox's hold on the film rights are all they have to be in the Marvel mix with the FF and X-Men as much as we don't like it they gonna hold on to that stake for dear life. Even if it is financially to their detriment.

Just like now Robopocalypse is on hold indefinitely because of budget concerns (And mind you the Disney and Fox are co-financing this production) and awaiting a re-write and whatever will keep the costs down is the problem that may come up with a proper FF production. Good actors, Marketing costs (Superbowl advertising?)Proper special effects (Not the XM-FC low grade) and all CGI THing?? All that is at least a 200 mil budget. We'll see if the Fox will play it's hand or fold..

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