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Default Re: Darkseid is the Villain in Justice League

Originally Posted by cleverusername8 View Post
As far as the death of Barry thing, I didn't actually find his proposed death in Mortal all that dramatic or significant. It sounded like just another death scene from the summary I read. They'd have to do MUCH better if they want to audience to react in a meaningful way to it. Otherwise, it'll feel like an excuse to shove Wally into the blender for pure recognition purposes.
I thought the death for Barry was very good. It could have been edited a little to improve, but overall it was great. What version of his death did you read, was the one where:

In the midst of the final battle, everything around Barry stops, and an eerie calm washes over the scene of chaos. But, despite the peacefulness, there is a sense of melancholy as he also realises his inevitable fate. He runs home to Iris and gives her his goodbye, echoing the words she says at the beginning of the film to him, that he finally sees the beauty in a world worth saving because she is in it. He presses his hand against her chest and vibrates, literally touching her heart, for a moment, she cries, as if his words are somehow reaching her. He is dragged back to the battle by a cosmic force, prepared to finish the fight. He phases through into the main OMAC, and begins to run. Hard. As fast as he can, faster than ever before. He is clearly pushing himself already and is visibly in distress, but another streak is following Barry. It's Wally, he's telling Barry he's going to fast, that he can barely keep up. The OMAC is breaking apart, but Barry says he's not going fast enough yet, he then says his final words "Tag. You're it." Barry pushes himself further, running around the globe in a matter of seconds, flashes are seen of global landmarks, the slipstream overturns cars and smashes the windows of buildings until the OMAC is nothing but a stream of particles flying behind him. But Barry keeps going, he leaves the Earth and sees lights exploding around him, it's the stars and galaxies that make up all of the visible universe, but he still keeps going through the black, knowing he can still go faster until he reaches one final light, a wall like liquid glass, the ultimate stop sign. The wall of the speed force. He races through it. Barry is gone. The Flash suit falls down. Empty.

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