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Default Re: Comic films you think should be rebooted?

Originally Posted by Optimus_Prime_ View Post
To me Batman and TDK were great movies.

Batman Begins is very good.

Batman Returns is so-so, and entertaining, as is TDKR but the more I watch it the less I like that one. Especially since it is like BR with it's nearly absentee Batman.
See, in regards to TDKR, normally that would bother me about a Batman movie, but when Batman does appear onscreen in costume it is just so good. I'd say the sequence from when Batman makes his comeback to Batman and Catwoman's escape in the Bat is probably my favourite 'Batman' sequence on film.
I like watching Bruce getting his sh** together at the beginning of the movie too, and in the prison.
The scenes with the Bat amaze me more than the city action in Avengers, because the Bat swooping between buildings is old school stunts, and looks real.

I kind of agree with your overall assessment of WB/DC. Especially since Batman has kind of proved to be well received in most all of his media adaptations, it actually seems like it's harder to make a bad Batman movie than a good one (so far 5 have been better than average, and 2 have been bad, also the 1960s Bats and cartoons have all been fantastic).

It seems like if it ain't Batman, WB doesn't know what they are doing.
Constantine, Watchmen and V For Vendetta are all very good DC/WB superhero films.

To be fair, DC/WB have only made films with 3 of their regular superheroes, and most of the Superman films were decades ago.
GL was as average as a lot of Marvel superhero films, and there is a sheer plethora of Marvel films, so the strike rate is obviously higher for them.

It's good that DC are biding their time and waiting for the right moment to strike with their superheroes onscreen, rather than rushing in. they will learn a lesson from GL, ie don't try to copy another franchise(Iron-Man), get a director who knows the material and is passionate about it rather than just being a respected filmaker, but that too of course.

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