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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Originally Posted by Eros View Post
what?? what are you talking about? what "rules", its a movie series about a wealthy guy who was trained by super secret terrorist ninja League, and with the help of his British butler and business partner fights crime and freaky criminals in a high tech bat suit using improbable weapons created by a fictional corporation. So before Bane broke BATMANS back, everything that came before that was in the realm of plausibility? Batman begins is fantasy movie, TDK and TDKR are fantasy movies with real emotions and characters we can relate to.
Rules that Nolan set down when trying to ground his movies in reality. Those are Nolan's words, not mine. He stretches it at times, but he has stated himself that he tried to ground these movies in reality. So the technology is not soooo ridiculous that it's straight-up impossible, it's just given a plausible explanation that's not that hard to accept.

I'm not saying his movies are completely realistic, but I know he wasn't going to go too far out of into the realm of fantasy. I think Two-Face may have been one of the biggest stretches for Nolan but I loved that he gave us him.

There's nothing implausible about being trained by a secret organization bent on world chaos (ahem), there's nothing implausible either about someone who wants to do a better job than the police and corruption. There's definitely nothing implausible about over-the-top weapons, there's all kinds of crazy **** in the military. Look up the XM25 rifle or digital revolvers.

Sure, a lot of it seems like fantasy (it should) but he said it himself he wanted to keep things realistic. Would you see Batman meet up with Superman in his world? No. Would you see Batman squaring off against a straight out of the comics Clayface? No. (maybe reimagined as something else). Would you see a man who's lived for 500 years? No. The TDK trilogy are definitely fantasy movies, but they're not as fantasy-heavy as you say they are, at least in my opinion.


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