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Default Re: Darkseid is the Villain in Justice League

Originally Posted by cleverusername8 View Post
Batman should definitely NOT bring out a reboot as early as 2015-2017 as not to risk The Amazing Spiderman style audience backlash.
I would argue Batman can be rebooted at anytime and it won't be a big problem. The difference between Batman and Spider-Man is that the general audience has already gotten used to seeing multiple versions of Batman over the years while Spider-Man did not have this luxury. Prior to the Raimi films, there was nothing outside of the comics to identify Spider-Man with. He was still a very iconic character to the GA but there was no specific version of Spider-Man to ever get really successful outside of comic book fans and kids. Sure there were tons of cartoons and games but there was no version of Spider-Man that was highly successful with the general audience overall until the 2002 Raimi film came out. That was the first big exposure the general audience had to Spider-Man and was the only big exposure they had to Spider-Man since the reboot came out. Thus they came to view the Raimi franchise as the definitive Spider-Man story and came to view Tobey Maguire as the definitive Spider-Man because no one else portrayed Spider-Man before in a big live-action Spider-Man movie. The concept of a new version of Spider-Man with a completely different actor especially so soon was a bit of a foreign concept to the GA.

Batman is a whole different story. Pretty much everyone had to at one point in their life learn and adapt to the idea that there are multiple versions of Batman and that there is no such thing as just a single actor portraying Batman. This is because Batman, unlike Spider-Man prior to the reboot, has had multiple different versions and takes on him that were very successful with the general audience overall. I'm not just talking about the different versions of him in the movies but the different versions of him in general. He even had versions outside of the movie versions that were highly successful to the general audience and to not just comic book fans (the Arkham games are the perfect example of this since they weren't only popular games to Batman fans but popular games period and even popular at the same time as the Nolan films even though they featured 2 complete different versions of Batman). On top of that, Batman was even portrayed by different actors in Batman films that took place in the same continuity just 2 - 3 years apart, further establishing to the GA that there are multiple versions of Batman.

Batman has had 2 highly successful live-action franchises, 1 highly successful live-action TV show (at least for its time), and 1 highly successful video game franchise that were all seen/played by the GA while Spider-Man just had 1 highly successful live-action trilogy prior to the reboot. So I think it's fair to say the GA has already gotten used seeing a new Batman in such a short period of time and the Batman reboot will be received just fine. They're probably close to getting used to the fact that there are different versions and different actors of Spider-Man as well. Just one more really successful Spider-Man related thing outside of the Webb movies should do the trick .

Sure that there will be some people that will bash the reboot just because it's not in the Nolan franchise but those people will be a really small minority and then again, there will always be a small group of people for anything new that will do just that. There are still a few people that bash Daniel Craig's James Bond just because it's not Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan (or whoever else they really like as Bond) but that group is not that big in comparison with the rest of the audience. The number of Spider-Man reboot haters wasn't exactly that big to begin with either (and what I mean by that is that more than 50% of the audience overall had no problem with the reboot). They were just big enough to produce a really loud voice, which is still pretty big...if that makes any sense .

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