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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - Part 143

Here is my take on TDKR. It was a very good conclusion to the Nolan Batman trilogy. But it was full of plot holes, and several things I just didn't buy, such as the scene where the Cops and Mercenaries have their battle in the streets of Gotham, the "clean slate" device, even or the whole ending for that matter. Bane was a good villain, but if it wasn't for his cool voice, he would be rather unmemorable IMO. The pacing was off, and the editing could have been better; the first chase scene begins during the day, but seconds later it is suddenly nighttime. Seriously?

There were a lot of problems I had with the movie, some nitpicks, others legit complaints. Aside from that, like I said earlier, its a good conclusion to the Nolan trilogy. It was a great experience, and I'm happy we were given some of the best Batman movies we will probably ever see. I am still not happy that Batman only donned the Batman costume for about a year and a half within the three films, but oh well.

My final grade for the film:


Just so you can compare to my ratings to the other Batman films:

Batman Begins - 8.5/10
The Dark Knight - 9.5/10


Batman (1989) - 7/10
Batman Returns - 7.5/10
Batman Forever - 3.5/10
Batman & Robin - 2.5/10

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