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Default Re: The Reboot Joker

Originally Posted by dude love View Post
No origins for Joker.

But they need to show the character's inherent sadness;

I think this was a facet of Heath Ledger's performance that went over a lot of peoples heads.

As for his physical appearance, i'd like to see how deranged the character can look with his bleached skin.
Deep down, Joker is a lonely man...scarred by his own mind and the world around him. He's wants people to join him...which is creepy, but sad.

Originally Posted by hellblazer103 View Post
i think it's about time to introduce morrison's "super sanity " concept . i've always liked it. plus that way there's alot more freedom, so not just one , but several different interpretations of the character could be done all in the same movie. one scene he's the prankster, the other the killer, and it could branch out to all sorts of other ideas or interpretations we've seen(or new ones), like the suave, sharp dressed criminal mastermind, or just a disgruntled, homicidal, insane stand up comedian. hell, even the drag queen we see in ASHOSE or dark knight returns could fit in somewhere.

i just find the idea fascinating : underneath the clown persona, all the theatrics , pranks, humour, creativeness, etc. joker is just a blank, empty ,inhuman,emotionless, michael myers esque psychopath/sociopath with no real personality and, as ledger once described it brilliantly, "zero empathy", who just makes it up as he experiences the world around's actually extremely creepy to me.
That's why I liked the concept of Heath's Joker painting his face, he was creating a new persona for himself under his own free will. Comics Joker was born that way accidentally.

If Joker was to be bleached bone white once more, I want it to be from his own choice. Just imagine what that does to your mind?

I want him take regular baths in the stuff, so he doesn't see one trace of humanity left on him. He has had surgery to alter his mouth into a smile. He applys makeup, and even paints his nails a different color. Dyes his hair. Changes his voice. Taking Heath's concept and mixing it more in with Morrison's idea, which is comic Joker. Joker is creating his concept on humanity. It give him more variety to do. It all reflects on different aspects on his crackpot view on society...that we do different things, that we dress like this, we talk like that...but whatever and whoever we are...we are all clowns, like him.

That's how he copes...he becomes something different, something amusing to him.

If Joker had a motto, I think it would be the old classic
"If I didn't laugh, I'd cry". That ranges from seeing evil to comitting it himself.

Society has done that to he copes by creating a new one. It's easier for him to think we're all crazy evil clowns than anything else.

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