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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

well i personally was never nuts about the nolan films to begin with as im sure people here may know. i dont hate them, they are ok, but just ok. i prefer the original anthology (excluding B&R for the most part). i feel these films work better in a surreal comic book setting. the heavy handed realism just didnt cut it for me. interesting idea....but in the long run, aside from a few performances i think they are pretty unmemorable. people still look highly on 1989 Batman and i personally dont think nolans films will hold up well over time. they will probably go the way that the original superman films have gone, they were shot in the same world as the present day but because of that they look extremly dated now. burton was wise in that his films have a kind of 40's noir timeless setting that you cant quite place a time on it, and because of that it has aged better, especially Returns thanks to no Prince music.

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