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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
I particularly like points 3 and 4.
Originally Posted by TheHeatKitchen View Post
I like all of those, especially the part about Zsasz. I've always loved the idea if him in a film, as a subplot, Batman trying to catch him. It'd be very dark and show his detective side more.
Thanks. I forgot to add in my previous post, there's been some really good ideas on what they'd do if they were in the director's chair or writing the film.

And that was the who idea of this thread. But some people are taking it way too personal like were taking a swipe at Nolan and Goyer.

Most of us are grateful that WB even rebooted this series after the debacle they call "Batman and Robin".

Sure, this trilogy is perfect. But it's pretty damn good.

Here's some more changes I would've suggested if I were apart of the project:

  1. Introduce Talia in BB when Ra's recruits him. They both share a strong attraction to each other which makes Bruce's decision to go against Ra's that much more difficult.
  2. Make Batman more like a ninja. For instance, when he stopped the shipment and knocked out Falcone. Also, when he picks off Crane's men one by one until he interrogates Crane. They got away from that in TDK and TDKR.
  3. Different fighting style. I understand the fighting style used as Ra's puts it briefly in BB, "....this isn't a dance". But the "dance" looks better.
  4. Cut scenes during important fights. For instance, when Batman was fighting the real "LOS" and Ras Al Ghul in BB. It was really frustrating. Batman and Bane's first fight was perfect in the sense that there were no cut scenes. Just a straight up brawl with no interruptions.
  5. We hardly saw any gadgets in TDKR.
  6. Not enough screen time for iconic Villans. By the time we knew about Ra's Al Ghul, he died. When Harvey became Two Face, he died. When Talia revealed herself, she died. Scarecrow and Zsasz were underutilized and could've been really creepy.
  7. Scarecrows hallucinations more creepy. There were rumors that there was supposed to be this "stage 2" of scarecrow hallucinations, but we never saw it. Some people say they saw the mask they were going to use, but Nolan denies it.
  8. If Nolan and his team knew that the "LOS" were going to return for the final film, Scarecrow should of been the main Villan in BB and Ra's/Talia Al Ghul should've been the main villians in the final film. Scarecrow could've easily pulled off what Ra's did by releasing the gas among Gotham City. Also, I would've tried for 4 films instead of 3. The main Villans in each film: BB - Scarecrow, TDK - Joker, TDR - Bane, Two-Face, 4th Batman Film - "LOS" or Ra's and Talia. Then sprinkle in minor villans in each film.
That's it for now.

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