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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

Originally Posted by Majik1387 View Post
That's definitely a problem I had, but it's just whatever at this point for me; Reboot will be coming soon enough anyway.

Example one of a dissatisfaction with the movies being called insignificant.
How dare we want Batman in our Batman movies.

Nah, we do actually.

Kind of bull**** on this. Granted yes, we only see him as Batman when he's onscreen, but what happens off-screen is just as important to the character and his mythos as well, this is a section where Nolan failed.

Except for that fact that it does make a difference. If a Batman movie barely has Batman onscreen, it's a problem.
You seem to be confusing 2 different things. The amount of time batman has spent being batman has little to do with how much of him you see on screen. You think that if he was said to have been batman for 10+ years that automatically equal more screen time?

Also i'm thinking in terms of enjoyment of the films themselves. If you want to bring up mythos that's one thing but this was Nolan's take on batman and what he put on screen i think was great.

Again the idea that if nolan threw in a line about him being batman for 10 years that would somehow improve the movies? seems very petty to me.

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