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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

I'm no 'Nolanite' or what have you. I think this is the best live action set of films of Batman, though.

That does not mean I don't have my issues with them or gripes - or believe they could be better because they could've. So can anything, for that matter.

What some get annoyed with is that something so popular becomes popular to be maligned. It becomes trendy.

Especially with those that used to love it but then simply do a 180 to fit in - saying they thought that all along.

Internet commentators' consensus shifts with the wind, it seems. They're so fickle and they're very fickle with films (TDKR, Avatar, IndyIV, Iron Man II, you name it). Granted they're such a small fraction of people, but still. I'd rather not read their drivel.

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