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Default Re: The Look of the Turtles

they should be no more than 5' tall. two fingers, thumb. two toes. not this nickelodeon crap.
each a varying degree of greens, with a little color added. They are red ear sliders...a faded "red ear" could be added and blended in.

Turtles should have a no-beak mouth, otherwise they can't talk. how many of these guys ever seen a turtle beak? it's sharp and not flexible. Im sure my 4 turtles can't speak with beaks...oh yeah they can't talk anyways haha....

They should be moderately muscles, not overly done where it's beyond reality they can move swiftly with an overabundance of musculature.

Each turtle should not have 4 different accents. They should all be NYC derived.

If not animatronic, they need to be motion capture.

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