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Default Re: Doc Ock's Lair v2 - Part 1

I've been hiding out in college and work. I only recently have been able to catch up on all my comic book reading. I still have a few titles to go, but Spidey was at the top of my list, naturally.

I guess my main gripe with Slott is that he has Ock saying things like "Impotent well" and "No doddling and no lip." He talks like he talks all his lines from 1960s pulp fiction villains. I mean, he's a super-genius...surely such dated terms are below his superior intellect.

And it's not just Ock. I think nearly all of Slott's characters can come off as a little cheesy. Especially older/fatherlike figures like Mr. Fantastic, JJJ, Robbie, Jay, Aunt May...even Iron Man. Does anyone actually say "What is it, son?" "How can I help you, son?" "Good work, son."

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