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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 2

According to EMPIRE's Top 500 Films:

The Prestige -- #305
Memento -- #173
Batman Begins -- #81
The Dark Knight -- #15

Inception wasn't made when the list was created, but it was named Empire's #1 film of "2010, maybe ever." So, it stands to reason it'd be in the top 100 of this list. I'd argue that The Dark Knight Rises will be in those Top 500 films as well the next time they compile a list like this...

A LOT of Mr. Nolan's films rank higher, MUCH higher, than films that won the Best Picture within the same given year.

My point isn't just the fact that films like The Dark Knight, Memento, The Dark Knight Rises and Inception should have been nominated for Best Picture, but at least two of them probably should have won.

And the fact that Nolan has yet to be recognized as a Best Director nominee, when every one of his major releases has been recognized as a TOP FILM OF ALL TIME...It's just a shame.


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