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Default Re: Things that bug you.

Originally Posted by J. J. Jameson View Post
It bugs me that Amazing Spider-Man (or Superior Spider-Man) has lost all sense of maturity since the OMD debacle. Seriously, a lot of times it reads like one of those kids' "Marvel Age" comics. I realize they want the book to have a wild appeal, but for goodness sake, at least bring us the early years JMS level of maturity to the book. Back in the early days of JMS's run, Pete, MJ, Aunt May, etc. behaved and talked and interacted like REAL adults.

It also bugs me that people sing Dan Slott's praise. He's not a very good comic book writer.

It bugs me that Aunt May has "de-aged" instead of gotten older as time goes by.

It bugs me that Gwen screwing Norman wasn't retconned. Officially I mean. In my mind, it never happened. I'll never forgive Marvel for that.

It bugged me that OMIT showed that the unmasking/Aunt May getting shot/etc. could have been solved without touching the Parker marriage.
Yeah. Haven't read Slott's work (yet, maybe never. We'll see.) And I agree with the rest of those. In my mind, the story of Spider-man ends after 'the book of ezekiel' and he lives happily ever after. The end.

Maybe I'll reconsider when someone starts writing the character with some respect, and less of this spectacle trite.

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