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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

Edward strolled through his house in the Hamptons to the back porch. He stood there and watched Allison as she casually walked in the surf wearing an oversized white blouse blowing in the wind and a black one peice.

Edward walked back into the house and came back out with a bottle of wine and two glasses.

She smiled as he approached and she took a glass and said, "Welcome home."

Edward bowed his head slightly and replied, "Thank you good to be home."

He poured each of them a glass and she asked, "So how was your trip to Toronto?"

Edward shrugged his shoulders and said, "Same ol' thing kill sometime and see the sights. Seriously these conferences are so dull."

Allison nodded and took a drink as Edward said, "Anyway I'm back not another thing to do for at least two weeks, and the office is closed for another 3 days, so it looks like it's just you and me."

Allison bowed her head slightly and Edward took notice and said, "You're ready to move on with your life aren't you? I knew this day would come once the scars from your facial reconstruction healed."

Allison finally looked at Edward and said, "Edward I'm grateful beyond words. You saved me from Tony, you've done such a great job on my voice and face that my own family wouldn't know me, you let me get myself together here on my terms, but now I think it's time for me to live my life on my terms."

Edward nodded and said, "You're right. I can't keep you here against your will otherwise you just traded one prison for another. I knew the day we got here that this would be only for so long."

Allison said, "And then you can get back to your real job without having to lie to me."

Edward looked at her very startled and asked, "What job? What do you mean?"

Allison replied, "Edward I lived in a very unique lifestyle and house for over ten years. I know when something is connected to the mob. Double Laptops, Private calls in another in hushed tones and talking in code, leaving at strange hours, and I saw you open your secret workshop one night when you thought I was asleep."

Edward said, "I'm sorry I was trying to protect you as much as I could from that world."

Allison shook her head and replied, "It's okay you didn't get me involved or parade me around like eye-candy. Again if it wasn't for you I'd still be with Tony, and you're letting me leave on my terms"

Edward stared out at the ocean for a moment and Allison embraced him from behind and said, "You're secret is safe with me. Riddler."

Edward chuckled and said, "That's the first time anyone called me that to my face. Interesting."

Edward turned and embraced Allison and said, "I'll make arrangements for you before you leave tomorrow morning. I've had something on the back burner for when this day came. Now it's time to get to work on it."

Allison said, "Will it take long?"

Edward shook his head and said, "Not really. Less than 30 minutes."

Allison nodded and said, "Good because while you're doing that I'll whip us up some dinner and we can enjoy the evening."

The two moved in and kissed as the surf pounded the shore.

Once inside the house Allison began making a Quichie as Edward worked on a Laptop.

He said, "Allison come over here for a moment. I want you to see something."

Allison moved to Edward and she sees several open windows of her on his Laptop.

She asked, "What are those?"

Edward replied, "Those are your records in various databases throughout the world."

Edward typed the word "wipeout" on the screen and all the windows disappeared.

Allison asked, "What just happened?"

Edward replied, "Allison or Kelly if you prefer. You no longer exist you're no longer on any known record. It's a program I planned to use if I ever needed to escape. I'm using it for you instead. You have a whole new identity."

Allison asked, "Who am I now?"

Edward typed into the Laptop and just then her new picture appeared on the screen. Edward was able to print out copies of a Social Security card, Birth Certificate, Driver's License, a passport, and all other important documents to verify one's identity. He then gave her card with her new name on it.

Edward said, "That card functions like a credit card with access to a Swiss Bank Account which has 5 million dollars in it. It's all yours now. Think of it as starting over money."

Her new name was now: Selena Kyle

Selena smiled and said, "The first name of our English lit teacher, and my mom's maiden name. Very creative Edward."

Edward said, "These are uploaded to various Government servers it's like they've always been there. I already contacted a car service they'll be here tomorrow morning."

Selena embraced Edward from the back and said, "You're amazing. Thank you again."

Edward leaned into her and said, "You're welcome." And then smiled as he said, "Selena."

Selena smiled as well and said, "That sounds like such a beautiful and mysterious name. I love it."

They ate the Quichie by a roaring fire, and drank the rest of the wine. After dinner they enjoyed one last evening togther.

The next morning they waited outfront for the car service to arrive. Once it did they embraced but neither one wept. They knew that this was how it had to be and they kissed one last time. Once they broke Selena got into the car quickly and was gone.

Edward stared as the car drove further and further out of sight.

Once he could no longer see it Edward went back into the house and threw his ball which activated his entrance to his workshop.

Edward then made a phone call to Wilson Fisk.

Fisk said, "Riddler, what do I owe the pleasure?"

The Riddler replied, "The Tony Devenger sanction is that still open."

Fisk replied, "Why yes it is."

The Riddler said, "Give me three days, and he'll be out of the way."

Three days later Tony Devenger was found dead in his bath tub from an apparent drowning.

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