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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - Part 143

Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
Nitpicking: adj. "looking for small or unimportant errors or faults, esp. in order to criticize unnecessarily."

I don't think that's what we're doing, and I don't think it is accurate to assume that anyone in a TDKR thread this long after the film's release is only here to comb the movie for unimportant errors or faults.

Framing a discussion as "nitpicking" is an easy derogatory way to appear aloof and above the discussion without contributing anything meaningful to it.
im not assuming that all you are doing is nitpicking...merely pointing out how lame it is for people to complain about people looking at things into detail... its been MONTHS since release... so why not?

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