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Default Re: Avengers a culmination of Marvel history (including 616/Ultimate/etc.)

IMO As far as the Avengers movie is concerned

ULTIMATE/S Influences

-Stark(Some elements of his playboy personality)
-Banner(Modern super soldier program origin + the unassuming controlled transformation at the end felt a bit like the end of Ultimates 2 vol 2 )
-Hulk shutting up an otherwise very talkative leader of the Chitauri who has proven himself too much for Cap to handle
-Ubiquity(More in terms of the MCU as a whole rather than just this movie)
-Significance(More so in Avengers than any other MCU movie)
-Nick Fury
-Nick Fury forming the Avengers as a response to a new age of emerging threats 21st century militaries aren't prepared for, this team solves a major problem caused by other shield personnel
-Built A clear prison cell to restrain the Hulk, used on a legendary citizen of Asgard

616 influences
-Maria Hill(afik she has all ready retired from SHIELD when she is introduced in the Ultimate world)
-Thor(all 616 other than Bearded, Helmetless, and capeless in some places)
-Stark(backstory, suits, Pepper)
-Cap(all 616 but some liberties taken)
-Loki being instrumental to the formation of the Avengers

-being under the Umbrella of the UN(not sure if this is true or not)
-having only one major Helicarrier
-Sexual tension between Widow and Barton

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