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Default Re: HONEST Answers Only... Did You Cry? (SPOILERS)

Even if it's in chronological order, it doesn't mean it's in real time.

Every shot in a movie doesn't place exactly after the shot the before it; thus the nature of time in movies.

Clearly the shot of the 5 second timer just didn't take place directly after the shots before it (Bats in the Batpod).

That being said, even though there's no 'plothole', it's still crap editing because people don't realize that editing works like this, thus the complaints of plotholes. They should have put another shot between Bats in the batpod and the timer just to make it clearer I suppose.

One might argue that this editing style was consistent with the rest of the movie, as Nolan used this a ton in this movie, but in the other instances it showed two different times on the same shot/angle, so the audience can tell that time has passed. With the timer thing the audience just assumed it was in real time, thus the complaints.

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