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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 2

Originally Posted by RedSkull View Post
Don't delude yourselves...TDKR is no Blade Runner. It's no TDK either. While I'd argue it might be a better film than a couple of nominees, it doesn't particularly DESERVE to win anything. In no category would I say it's a better quality or more inventive film than everything else nominated. Including cinematography. The only category where it was my favorite thing of the year was the score.
It's not a matter of delusion (the tdk part) . It's a matter of opinion. It's strange how some people cant' accept different opinions. You're just being very condescending , thinking someone who thinks different than you is deluded. The least i can say about that , it's that its very disrespectful .

Originally Posted by Agent Orange View Post
I just noticed that Holy Motors wasn't even nominated in Best Foreign Language Film. Seriously, what's wrong with these old coots this year??

I think france submitted the pedantic Intouchables. It's an insult a category like foreign exist , even more that it's just one per country. If there's a movie that i think deserved to sweep the oscars , that was Holy Motors (i would love to see the reactions ) . Just breathtaking cinema that tries to push the boundaries of filmmaking. Leos Caraz magnum opus.

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