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Default Re: Mark Millar now snubbing Marvel Disney...?

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
But it was based off Singers previous script. They rewrote the whole thing, but characters and plots were already chosen. Mystique is as far as you can get from her comic counterpart as are the chosen mutants as the first X Team.
Mystique's character arc is needed in that film, to explore that form of prejudice to the full, her power is perfect for it. If it is different from the comics, good, because we are talking about an adaptation here, what is good for the *film*. I have never seen an X-Men fan on the net complain about Mystique's character being different from the comics, maybe it's because she is very effective in the films, moreso than if they had her exactly like the books.
I onyl know her from the odd book here and there, but she just plays like a generic shape-shifting super-villan in her first appearances in Claremont/Byrne's X-Men, thinking DOFP.

They based it off Singer's treatment, not script.

Avengers succeeds without seeing the previous films imo. XFC had 4 previous films before it as well, with the X1 and 2 creator behind it.
eh, most of the characters in XMFC were introduced in that film, and you say that having seen the solo films before Avengers, true?
*You* could have enjoyed avengers to the full because you know the characters from the comics anyway, right?
Think of someone who has no clue about the characters, they would have no idea what Cap/Iron-Man/Thor was all about, absolutely no ref to how they got started, which is important(edit) if you want the full on thrill of sharing their adventures.
Without the previous films, the film is character-less, just a big punch up movie.
edit: and we got Magneto, Xavier and Mystique's full on origins, where before they had only been hinted at, there was no meat like that in Avengers, it needed the solo movies to be more than a special effects laden eye candy punch up movie.

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