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Default Re: Mark Millar now snubbing Marvel Disney...?

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
Doesnt matter shes a bad representaiton on what Mystique should be. They ****ed her up. She works within the films story and thats it. She is a bad adaptation even going from the X1 and 2 films.
But you haven't said why she is adapted badly in that movie, apart from that you want to see more of her shape-shifting and grabbing bins out of people's offices and stuff like that. Why do you need to see more of that over deep character exploration of what it might be like to be a shape shifting mutant in a land of prejudice? Isn't that something they *should* have explored in the comics, if indeed they haven't?

Disagree. All those characters were great representations of the comics. Can they do more? Hell yeah!

Hawkeye while not in the film as much was at least hinted at to have a strong past with Black Widow and had more screen time and dialogue then Storm and Cyc put together. It was very rewarding as a comic fan to see them fighting side by side. And at the least they tried to fit some sort of history in.

I didn't say they were badly done, I said they were less effective than the heroes who already had solo movies, because we know who those guys are.
It was a blast for me to see Gambit fighting Wolverine, and having buddy banter with him, and we got hints to his past and how he lives, but I would've preffered a full on movie length team up between the two characters, so we got the full character.

But then, I guess you would lump Gambit in with the characters who were wasted on film, but are enthusiastic about Avengers characters who were just as underdeveloped, because they had better action scenes.
Remember, we are talking about characterisation here, not fight scenes.

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