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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 2

Originally Posted by regwec View Post
TDKR missing out on any Oscar glory is either the Academy's fault, or Nolan's. You can't blame it on Sam Mendes et al. Personally, I am glad that Christopher Nolan is not the kind of director who would make films designed to appeal to the academy. TDK richly deserves its awards, and I have no doubt that Nolan's time will come again, but TDKR was not his strongest effort and it certainly wasn't the type of film that you would expect to rake in the Oscars.

The best way to avoid undue disappointment is to manage your expectations realistically.
Yeah, I agree. I probably love TDKR a lot more than you do, but I recognize that it has a lot of things that are "un-Oscary" about it. TDK played with a genre that has been heavily awarded in the past, the crime/gangster drama. And even The Joker could be seen as Nolan's answer to Hannibal Lecter.

I think TDKR, while completely dwarfing TDK in scale also went into genre territory that could be considered more "B" territory, such as the disaster film. (Yes Titanic is a disaster film, but it's also a period piece and a love story). The silent film/traditional epic influences are definitely in its favor, but it's also very openly a superhero film. It's more about the spectacle and scale of things than TDK was. Bane can be seen as a more generic action movie bad guy (and again, I love Bane so don't get me wrong).

So, while I love TDKR I don't have too many illusions about why it got shut out. Because if you think the Academy members were sitting there making lists of "plot holes" and complaining about things like Bruce retiring or the 8 year gap, then I think you'd be severely mistaken. Overall, the movie is just not the type of thing they tend to vote for. Another thing that I feel hurts it is its topical, yet apolitical aspect. It brings certain issues to the light without taking a definitive stance on them and doesn't cater to the politics of the Academy.

And yes, I also think the elephant in the room played a role in it getting 0 nominations. I couldn't begin to know to what extent, but it seems pretty fishy to me that one of the most technically impressive and ambitious films of the year got no love in the technical categories. I don't think the technical standards of this film were any lower than Nolan's last two films (if anything I thought they were higher) which not only got a lot of technical nominations, but a lot of wins. Even the film's detractors were expecting technical nominations.

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