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Thumbs up Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 2

Originally Posted by regwec View Post
This is getting rather tired. I am sure everyone involved would happily acknowledge that two scenes from "Skyfall" were influenced by TDK. TDK was a great film, and was broadly influential. It was also heavily influenced by other films itself. I would see it as flattery to Nolan, Ledger and TDK.

It does not make "Skyfall" a lesser or even a less individual movie. It and TDKR did similarly great business, and though the critics marginally preferred 'Skyfall', and it has a couple of nominations that TDKR lacks, they are both broadly considered to be very good genre films.

TDKR missing out on any Oscar glory is either the Academy's fault, or Nolan's. You can't blame it on Sam Mendes et al. Personally, I am glad that Christopher Nolan is not the kind of director who would make films designed to appeal to the academy. TDK richly deserves its awards, and I have no doubt that Nolan's time will come again, but TDKR was not his strongest effort and it certainly wasn't the type of film that you would expect to rake in the Oscars.

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