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Default Re: Mark Millar now snubbing Marvel Disney...?

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
She was an extremely timid character who seems dead frightened with violence. She is harmless in this film. You have her figured out right when she is in the bathroom at the intro of the film. Which should never be the case. You should always be guessing with her. I also did not buy her transition at the end at all. Her decision to go with Magneto makes absolutley no sense considering he wanted to nuke a fleet and joined up with people who murdered her friends. That **** should terrify the girl we knew in the film. But they needed to connect it somehow. They should have lead into her having some of the same violent tendencies earlier. I get what they were going for, it was just a very different/rushed version to go about the character.

The themes of acceptance and prejudice should always be built into these films. But that is no excuse of going out of character. The characters need proper adapting as well as the themes.

How the hell does this girl become an expert at espionage, deceit and martial arts? Or who would teach her these things to master late in life?
Good, I'm glad they started her off at another extreme, it's the more interesting character arc.
and we have seen only the first movie, we will see her develop into that more savvy character in further films I imagine.

As for her joining Magneto at the end, yes, it was a bit of a rushed changeover, but these things happen with films sometimes, they were not sure if the film would make enough money for a sequel to be made, so they crammed in Xavier's accident and Mystique's change of alliance into the one movie.

At a push you can see it, as Magneto's extreme p.o.v was backed up by the fact that the 'humans' did indeed fire upon the mutants indiscrminantly, as if they did want to pursue an agenda of wiping them all out, regardless of their actions and whether they were 'good' or 'bad'. Along with the fact that Magneto was the one person whose beliefs were making her more comfortable in her own skin for the first time in her life, you can see why she jumped.


They were flat out written better then Gambit. Gambits fight logically makes no sense (even in this genre) and hes used as nothing more then a friggen pilot. He didnt belong in that film. Casting was good though.

There is nothing wrong with Hawkeye and Black Widow being supporting characters in a film. They did alot more in that film then A list X characters have.
I didn't say there was anything wrong with them being there, that was not my ultimate point at all, which you have avoided. My point was to say that the Avengers needed the solo movies, as those characters were far more effective in the film, which you disputed. I guess you agree with me on that now.

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