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Default Re: Mark Millar now snubbing Marvel Disney...?

Originally Posted by soundofyousick View Post
Of course you can enjoy it on it's own, but it would be a pretty character-less eye candy punch up movie with quips otherwise, yes, people do enjoy those types of movie a great deal, and as a punch up movie, it is one of the best. But if Avengers had been released without the solo movies, a lot of people on here would be complaininbg over lack of character development for Cap/IM/Thor...but because of the solo moives, it gets almost universal praise on these boards.
FC gets alot too, as it should. But if the previous X films didnt come out do you think people would be as accepting to the roster, the Bond tone and the character focus on Magneto and Prof X? They would have been disappointed. They both rely on the viewers seeing the previous films in some sort of way. Marvel more direct but both can be watched independently. Marvels films are just handled, set up and more faithful then Foxs.

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