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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 2

Originally Posted by Excelsior. View Post

If one or two small similarities are enough to brand Skyfall a TDK ripoff, then TDKR is The World is Not Enough 2.0.
Plot devices dont make a movie similar. Its the approach the filmmakers have to the project , the thematic implications , how the material is handled , visual style , the form itself etc. Two movies can share the same exact plot and be completely different. And two movies that might not share the same plotting development , might be very similar (skyfall is in the middle) As i said , i dont agree to call it a rip-off , simply a clear influence of post-tdk blockbusters. I dont understand why some people have problem with that , especially considering the director stated that himself.

As for , tdkr I think some of the aspects that it might share with other movies , comes clearly from the influence that the director himself stated over and over of ...a tale of two cities. It's undeniable the influece. But you might call TDKR whatever you want to call. Con Air 2.0 for instance. Or Honey i Shrunk the Kids 3 and 1/2 .

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