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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 2

Originally Posted by Excelsior. View Post
I disagree. Completely. You can't in good conscience tell me that Rises had more balls than Django Unchained or Zero Dark Thirty. The most vivid portrayal of slavery in the antebellum South and brutal dramatization of the utter dehumanization of torture (putting a dog collar on and forcing them to crawl on their feet like dogs ass naked in front of the peering eyes of women) are far more ballsy than mere glimpses (and that's all they were) of social unrest. Perhaps if Nolan expanded on that theme more you would have a point. But he didn't.
Well the difference is, one film is a PG-13 rated superhero tentpole film and the others are R rated films with a primarily adult target audience. It's almost apples and oranges, because a film like TDKR has a lot of inherent restrictions that the other films don't. It has to play to a much wider audience, so I factor it's "ballsiness" relative to that. I mean, a lot of people talk about how TDK felt like it was an R, but it did this without spilling a drop of blood. It was just the suggestion of violence. I feel TDKR, with just the suggestion of certain ideas and situations entered a territory far bleaker than most films of its kind dare to go. So, being that I haven't seen Django or ZDT yet (I really do want to) I probably spoke out of turn, but I guess I just meant it was ballsy relative to what you'd expect from the genre. Whereas with Django and ZDT, I know exactly the issues being tackled and given the track record of the filmmakers, I expect that the films are going to give an unflinching account of these things. Those are movies you go see because you know they are going to be edgy and hardcore.

But I also think TDKR was daring in ways beyond the social unrest angle, I also meant that it was daring in terms of ambition, the scale they did the action on, how much they shot practically, etc. In fact I think it took massive balls to even attempt to follow TDK at all. And some people would say Nolan failed spectacularly at doing so- but as regwec said, balls don't = quality.

Okay, that's enough talk about balls from me.

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