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Default Re: Mark Millar now snubbing Marvel Disney...?

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
I kinda agree but X Men should have no problem building 4-5 team characters in a 2hour 10 min movie. Most these characters dont need their own film. Actually Ill say besides Wolverine and Deadpool I dont see any other solos happening. Nor should they right now. Multiple team films on the other hand would be awesome. The problem is they havnt focused on the team aspect enough or have many characters participating in battle or doing anything useful in the 5 films they have been given. X Men should be about the team not just one or two characters on a team.
Well, we have seen them fight in team formation in X1, X3 and XMFC, I think the lack of team formation fighting could be down to budget, most of X3's budget went into completing the film's sfx in time, X1 had it's budget cut during filming, X2 did not get the required budget to have the finale Singer wanted(with human sized sentinals).
But XMFC did pretty well with it's team finale, esp given it's somewhat rushed production time.
Until Avengers came along, I thought XMFC had the most satisfying thrid act action finale of any superhero film.

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