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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 2

Tarantino/Django and TDKR got shafted big time this year.

I wouldn't necessarily give any awards to TDKR but it deserved a few nominations. I loved Skyfall but TDKR could have replaced some of those nods. Skyfall was like old Connery Bond with Craigs Bond mixed with strong elements from TDK. Even the score had a lot of Zimmer-Batman touches to it. Especially the elevator scene. It was my fav Bond but it's not exactly as original is it?

Dicaprio certainly deserved the supporting actor nomination, even though im happy for Christoph Waltz. Django Unchained was perhaps my fav film of the year. Or top 2 at least. QT is my favourite director and Django was of his best.

Tarantino's violence and pop culture references is probably the reason why the academy barely acknowledges him. And when they do, they certainly don't give the wins he deserves. It further proves (to me) that it's run by a bunch of old white men. When boring biopics and political U.S stuff are front & center all the time. Traditional OLD generation genres like musicals and silent films get the attention when they're outdated. Again, it tells me the people behind the Oscars are out of touch with the times.

Scorsese only gets something when he's an old man with a long career behind him. The Departed win and Best Director win for Marty was to shut him up, nothing more. If they truly cared, he would have received something big for Good Fellas, Raging Bull or Taxi Driver. Just like they snubbed Sergio Leone and Stanley Kubrick, they're doing the same with Quentin Tarantino and we'll see when time goes on how much they snub Christopher Nolan.

Where was Tarantinos award for "writing" back during the Inglourious Basterds days? How about this year....Did Paul Thomas Andersons DP get the nod for Best Cinematography (The Master)?? How about Wally Pfister or Hans Zimmer and their work on TDKR??

12 nominations for Lincoln. Hmm, i wonder what's about..

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