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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman: - - Part 11

Originally Posted by DKDetective View Post
It could be Ford's Wetherby line. Ford is actually the only designer I really like. The way he cuts his suits is actually very traditional and similar to classic Savile Row. Who else can you think of who still uses double English pleats and has the good sense to match low rise pants with a lower button stance so that shirt doesn't show under a closed jacket button. I still stand by my statement that most designer suits are overpriced junk.
No argument there. Except maybe that this feature, and a lot of other idiosyncrasies you can find in this suit, are largely inspired by Zegna's mainline, wich happens to actually manufacture most of the Tom Ford's garnements. Therefore I must admit that I don't quite get the Savile Row comparision, if at all. Maybe at the very least could I see some similarities with some of the recent Richard James garnements but that would be all.

Anyways there are things you would never (or rarely) find in a contemporary Savile Row suit such as those pretty imposing shoulders (wich seems to be Ford's most notable signature to date) on someone as built as Cavill especially in combination with a jacket that is almost too tight in the waist area. Those outrageously big lapels on a two button jacket would be considered a disgrace by any Savile Row tailor. On top of that, the vest seems too big, hence that unsightly fold/crease coming from the top button. If this is indeed a bespoke suit, you'd get your butt kicked out of Savile Row for a job like that.

Clearly Tom Ford's styling is not for everyone. His fit even less so and I don't think this suit quit gives Cavill's build justice nor that Cavill's gives Tom Ford's work justice.

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