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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

Breaking The Mold
Part 4

"**** this..."

Mac Gargan reaches into his belt and pulls out a grenade, chucking it at Clayface. As the grenade smacks into the creature and sticks, Mac grabs Adrian Toomes and dives behind the bar.

The grenade goes off, splattering Clayface all across the restaurant.

"Why the **** did you bring a grenade, Mac!? Are you ****ing mental", Toomes demands as the pair rise up from behind the bar!?

"Hey, don't ***** at me! I just saved our goddamned lives!"

"Oh, I wouldn't say that yet..."

Mac and Adrian turn to see the many pieces of Clayface start to reform.



Nearly there! Man, it's gettin' cold out!

Spider-Man swung onto a rooftop and sprinted across it, leaping off of the far edge and firing a webline out. The line latched onto a building across the street and Peter momentum swung him low, rocketing right over the heads of the amazed civilians who caught a glimpse of New York's newest hero.

Should've worn my thermals underneath the costume. What I wouldn't give for a nice, cozy fire right about now...

An explosion went off just a few blocks ahead, sending flames blasting out the windows and the surprised pedestrians fleeing in panic.

Not what I hand in mind...wait, that's the place! Please don't be too late!

Spider-Man quickened his pace as he swung right in through the broken window of Romita's Steakhouse and sticking to the side wall inside.

Surveying the scene, Spider-Man jaw dropped as he saw the carnage around him. Bodies of dead gangsters, broken and mangled, lay strewn across the restaurant. A grim reminder that Peter was indeed too late to stop the killings.

"Holy ****...what the hell could've-"

Peter's spider-sense had been going off since the before the blast, but now it was practically screaming at him.
Spider-Man watched on as a massive creature began to form in the center of the restaurant, it's attention turned towards two survivors.

"I know I should probably be terrified, but I can't help but coming up with numerous poop jokes right now. You have no idea how hard it is to resist the urge to tell them..."

"Spider-Man", the monster roared in surprise.
"What the hell are you doing here!?"

"Well, life as a crimefighter sure does work up an appetite. And, me being a red-blooded, American male, I was in the mood for a nice steak, and every New Yorker knows that Romita's is one of the top joints in the city."

"What the **** is he talking about?"

"Who gives a ****, let's get going while it's distracted."

Toomes grabbed Gargan and the pair made a mad dash for the kitchen door, but Clayface saw the scramble out of the corner of his eye.


The monster lashed out, it's left arm stretching all the way to bar the kitchen door before Adrian and Mac got to it. With a twitch of the same appendage, Clayface swats both criminals across the restaurant.

"Hey, now", Peter shouts as he swings in and catches both men before they crash into tables.
"This in no place for a game of catch! Didn't your mother teach you not to play in the house, young man?"

"I told you once, Web Head"
, Clayface glared at the hero as Spider-Man gently let Gargan and Toomes back down to their feet.
"Stay out of my way."

"Told me once? I know I have met some colorful individuals since putting on the tights, but I think I'd remember a face that looked like a mushy dog turd."

"Aren't we witty! Try to think there, genius"
, Clayface sneered.
"Or maybe...this will help", Clayface spoke, and his voice changed from his monstrous tone to that of a little girl.

"", Spider-Man went wide-eyed in astonishment.
"It can't be...the little girl? But, it makes sense...that's why my spider-sense was going nuts as I got closer to So, you're a shapeshifter then?"

"Another time, bug"
, Clayface states as he comes at Spider-Man and the two frightened men.
"Now, if you'd kindly get the hell out of my way..."

"Sorry, slick"
, Spider-Man replies as he leaps at the monster, "but surrender is not an option!"

Spider-Man's heels smash into Clayface's chest, stopping the villain's advance and making him stagger backwards. But, Spidey is now helpless as he is stuck waist deep inside Clayface's form.

Clayface's expression of pain quickly turned into one of sadistic glee as he looked down on the hero trying to get free.

"What's the matter, Spider-Man? Nothing funny to say?"

Clayface's massive fist smashes into Peter, pushing him fully into Clayface's body. Clayface's "stomach" begins to rumble, and the monster hacks Spider-Man up, spitting him across the restaurant and out of the front window and onto the street.

Peter's eyes flutter open to see a half dozen faces all looking down on him.

"Huh, wha-!"

Peter shot up, the people who were checking on him recoiling a bit.
"What the hell just happened?"

"We were wondering that too", one of the people said.

"Thank god you're not dead", a woman smiled.

"Yeah...praise be...", Spidey says as he tries to regain his senses.
Suddenly his spider-sense blares, immediately snapping him fully back to reality.

"Get back!"

A body is thrown out from the same window Spider-Man was ejected through, and Peter leaps into the air and catches it before it can crash into the street.

Spider-Man landed back down on his feet, cradling the beaten Mac Gargan in his arms.

"We ****ed up...", Gargan weakly spoke, struggling against the encroaching unconsciousness.
"It's all our fault...back from the dead..."

"Who's back? Tell me! What was that thing?"

"Karlo", Mac groaned, "Basil...Karlo. Well...was. Calls itself....Clayface now."

"Basil Karlo", Spider-Man repeats the name aloud.

Gwen's friend from the Bugle! The one that was presumed killed! How could this have happened?

"How? How did Karlo become Clayface?"

"He's...he's got him", Gargan ignores the question as his eyelids begin to flutter.
"Toomes...he' him...heading...White's penthouse...finishin' '"

Gargan passed out and Spider-Man laid him down onto the concrete, webbing up his hands and feet and leaving him for the authorities who were just arriving onto the scene as he swung away.

Warren White...the self-proclaimed Kingpin of New York. Figures he'd have a hand in this. Well, no matter how much White and Toomes deserve to be punished for this, I can't let Karlo kill them. Clayface has to be stopped.

Spider-Man suddenly swung down a side street, veering ever-so-slightly off course a bit.

Luckily though I think I got a good idea of how to stop him. All I got to do is make a quick pit stop at OsCorp, which is, pretty much, on the way White's penthouse...

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