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Default Re: Gods and Men 2.0: My Sword & Sorcery "Treatise"


The second of the ancient races, Dwarves are said to have been sculpted out of rock from the Earth's core by Moradin himself. More at home under the Earth than on top of it, Dwarves have carved out mighty kingdoms throughout the world's mountain ranges, the largest being the kingdom of Bryn-Ankor that rests inside Galdhø Peak in Scandinavia. Noted for their craftsmanship when it comes to weapons, armor, and gem-work, Dwarves are known around the planet as experts in all manner of smithing and mining.
Many of the land's larger settlements boast Dwarven merchants and embassies from Dwarven lands (which also double as high end retailers for weapons and armor).

There are two known species of Dwarf in the world today, though rumors of other abound.

The first is the Mountain Dwarf (often simply called Dwarf), which make up the entire known Dwarf population on the planet. Almost entirely a blue-collar species, Mountain Dwarves value honor, physical prowess, and hard work, and live for a challenge (be it in trade, by battle, or even in celebration). Their society is very theocratic in nature, following the tenets set forth by their creator god, Moradin (the Soul Forger), and the rest of the Dwarven pantheon (the Morndinsamman in the Dwarven tongue).

Most Dwarven priests are those of the Soul Forger, though all of the pantheon are represented in Dwarven culture. Dwarves are fierce warriors, known for their stubborn nature and ability to take an amazing amount of pain and punishment, and possessing an uncanny endurance (far greater than that of a human). Though their stout stature that makes them little tanks also makes them much less quick and agile (less so than a human).
Dwarves possess an innate "night vision" that allows them to see in even total darkness. Though due to spending their time on the surface, this blessing does not become a curse and hinder a Dwarf's sight when in daylight.
Dwarves also possess an almost "sixth-sense" when it comes to being underground (able to judge depth with great accuracy, spot natural traps formed in the rock, etc).

The average life span of a Mountain Dwarf is around three-hundred years.

The second species of Dwarf is the Duergar (also known as the Grey Dwarves), an evil race of ash-skinned Dwarves that dwell deep in the bowels of the Underdark. Slightly taller than a Mountain Dwarf, the Duergar have a deep seeded hate for their surface associating kin (their legends talk of how the Duergar were abandoned millennia ago by their kin to the hands of the Illithids).

Duergar are not as theocratic as the common Dwarf, but they do pay homage to Laduguer, the Dwarven deity of evil. Duergar have the same physical traits as their kin, as well as the ability to see in total darkness. Though their time is spent almost exclusively deep in the Underdark (only coming to the surface to wage war and perform raids), so exposure to daylight and bright lights can disorient and temporarily blind a Duergar.

Whether due to the raw magical powers of the Underdark, Illithid experimentation long ago, or a gift from Laduguer, Duergar possess a mild form of psionics (able to communicate telepathically, make themselves "invisible" to the eyes of others, etc).
Though the longer they are away from the Underdark the more feint this ability becomes for some odd reason. And prolonged exile from the Night Below can cause a Duergar to lose their psionic powers forever.

The average life span of a Duergar is around three-hundred and fifty years.

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