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Default Re: What's your Batman Reboot?

Not going to lie, I wrote that all down once without any real review and I wasn't focused all that much on this story as much as my goals-I wanted to cover Dick becoming Robin, have a mastermind style bad-guy like Strange as the main antagonist, build up poison Ivy as a high level meta to help Bat's credentials, and establish Catwoman as both a flirtatious repeat offender and Batman's favorite past-time.

And all that is because my next ideas end up including the other three main Robins, making Catwoman a major supporting cast member, and building the whole Batfamily up for an awesome battle royale between the united Gotham Knights and the slightly more powerful Al Ghul family to contrast true familial loyalty versus Ra's's corrupt legacy.

So I might have bit off a lot more than I could chew, but I had fun writing it, and I hope whoever handles the reboot errs on the side of overly ambitious versus cautious.

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