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Default Re: The Shadow, the Phantom or Dick Tracy?

Originally Posted by Cagefighterkip View Post
The Phantom > Dick Tracy > The Shadow...

But the Rocketeer over ALL!!!
I could never really tune into the Rocketeer, which is a shame, as my favourite B&W serial from ye olden days, that I watched on tv during the summer holidays back in the late 70s, was 'King of the Rocket-Men', that was so good, don't know if it would still hold up for me nowadays though, but the Rocketeer was a bit dull.
The Phantom is a lot of fun though, The Shadow too, Dick Tracey looks good but i could never tune into that either, I wish they had made the Spirit movie like DT, although, y'know, not as bright and colourful, a film noir type take on the cartoon city.

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