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Default Re: Is orgins still apart of the timeline now?

Well Fox tried to claim that Emma went on secret mission for Magneto where she used her telephatic powers to appear to everyone as teenager to free one of Stryker's captvies.

SInce Fox has shown relcuentance for any film to be completly Ignored since filmmakers used Emma In first Class to cover their butts since they used that girl In origins In A couple of ads as Emma Frost.It's better If you don't outright Ignore Origins In your viewing of X-Men films to just go with what Donnor said that as far as the filmmakers are now concernced that wasn't emma.

The entre reason for that girl In Origins was to set up the more teen film version of first Class witten by producer of gossip Girl that got thrown out when Bryan Singer became
Involved.No matter what you think of Janaury Jones' performance First Class had better and more accurate Emma.She was white queen verison with secondary mutation as
the equilvent of classic sexy Bond villainess.

Besides most went to see Origins for Hugh Jackman as wolverine and Wolvrine's origin.

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