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Default Re: Silver Surfer vs Thor

Originally Posted by Vartha View Post
Depends on which Thor and Which Surfer really. Rune Thor and the Surfer at THAT time, Thor could wipe Sufer out of existance.
Rune Thor was a whole different monster lol I don't think anyone below elder god level would be much of an issue

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
To be honest I just thought that was Thor being a bit boastful, he looked in pain to me but as you said he is a warrior and isnt going to give it away if he was hurt.

Surfer didnt use many powers in that fight either, to me it looked like Thor was trying to hurt Surfer, which he couldnt, were as Surfer was just trying to talk to Thor and hold him off. Not to mention Thor cut his head just head-butting the Surfer. I think if it came down to it, Surfer would win.
we have seen thor hurt the surfer when he REALLY was out for blood though

and not really, I mean, he had that pissed off look on his face. And he would give away. because Thor had a wound in his side, and he wasn't boastful about that. RIght after the landing, after thor said he didn't feel a thing, Surfer asks him about the wound tat he had on his side, asking him the significance, and he said it hurt like hell. Admitting pain, yet he fought on. Surfer used more powers than thor did, and he was certainly pissed. The surfer isn't stupid. He sees Thor is pissed, he's gunna try to stop him. He was blasting him and such, all thor really did was punch and headbutt. His head bled, sure, but he dented Surfer's head with that headbutt. I wouldn't exactly say he was cutting loose. I would say he was more pissed off, and trying to hurt him. Him saying he will kill the surfer on mars, that's him being boastful. We've seen how powerful thor is when he cuts loose. Remember in blood in thunder when he kicked the **** out of the surfer? BEFORE he got the power gem. It was later revealed that he wasn't under warrior's madness, which means, no powerup. He was just psychotic and was literally out for blood, the beating he gave the surfer, that was all under his own power. THAT is one of the few times I can recall thor really cutting loose. YES Surfer has been powered up. YES, the silver surfer held back a bit in that fight, but thor still beat him up, easily. Holding back doesn't make you less durable. Excluding surfer's speed, cause he hardly uses it, if he cuts loose, and if Thor cuts loose like he did, based on what we saw in Blood and Thunder, and his warrior's heart, I think he would still manage to defeat surfer. It wouldn't be a beating, but I think he would defeat him.

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