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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
I have no idea what the point is that you're trying to make now.
You said: "So Gotham City is like any real world city, huh?" and I responded.

Gotham's crime rate went exceptionally low after the organized crime element was taken out of the situation. And as I mentioned, what Blake said in the film...
Once again, I don't buy the fact that the Dent Act made Gotham virtually crime free.

And Nolan's view on laws and what have you are only very simplified views, such as RICO. Plus, Gotham being virtually crime free thanks to the Dent Act isn't that bad compared to China not doing one damn thing after their citizen is kidnapped and taken overseas.
You are using a movie's flaw to justify another one.

And I find it annoying when others say Batman shouldn't have quit because we always see other heroes who don't in other films or other mediums such as comics and cartoons.
"Good Lord."

I see a reason. I see a reason of there being no major crime for Batman to deal with as he sits and waits for Batman to be needed again as mentioned by Alfred in TDKR.
He could have still lived his life, instead of becoming:

Of course they come up with an easy plot device to fix his leg before he becomes Batman again. What does ignoring his company and letting it go down the drain have to do with waiting for Batman to be needed again?

Aside from fighting criminals as Batman, he was also being charitable as Bruce Wayne. That orphanage that Blake came from suffered a lot as a result.

I don't why. You said you wanted Two-Face around. So Two-Face wouldn't be a villain in your eyes?
You don't why? What does that even mean? Don't call me dense for asking THAT.

BTW, I clearly asked why does he have to be a full-blown criminal to be a villain?

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