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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Two Face would actually be the perfect villain to hold a mock court. He's done it at least twice in the comics. He put both Batman and Gordon on trial.

I'd love to have seen something like that in TDKR.
Although I really did like Crane as the Mock Judge.

Originally Posted by Llama_Shepherd View Post
Sort of both . People say specifically Nolan's version is good because it has an ending, unlike comics which "go on forever". Because, the films go on forever too, if you ignore the fact there are different iterations like people do with the comic universes.

So it just annoys me, mainly because it's a criticism out of ignorance (like Robin is "gay"), Batman retiring, dying or having a definitive end is not a new thing to be explored.
I always liked seeing Bruce Wayne as Batman until he was much older, and retiring later on. And THEN handing over the baton to the next Batman. *Batman Beyond*

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