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Default Re: The Importance Of Shield

Originally Posted by Hawkingbird View Post
I disagree. I really don't want them to explain EVERYTHING through SHIELD. I want it to be about The Avengers, not SHIELD's Avengers.
I agree they dont have to but it makes it more within the realm of believeability.
Instead of having to explain things a common cerxumstance or coincedence.
As in example.Reed Richards Scientist,Henry Pym Scientist,Bruce Banner Scientist etc.etc
All fall victim to there ezperiments or andevors in the realm of mocies that gets kind of hookey after a while.
All coincedence?
The best way is to make it purposeful or diliberate in their presentation.
In reality if there was an organization such as Shield it would only make sense that they would be monitering things and events all over the world.
Well use that as you basepoint.
Also the viewer needs to have someone they xan connect with so,that they feel that,the are watching the movie through their eyes.
Which is why Coulsen was so popular.
Also one od the reasons why Hulk was so sucessful in this movie.
Because neither of the first two movies had that.
Both yes I said both wouls have been more widely sucessful had,thier,been
a Rick Jones,or Sam Wilson or someone as such.
That what made the tv show so sucessful.
Becuase we watched it through the eyes of the people ordinary people like us he helped every week.

Every day is new beggining.
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